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I Am A Pioneer Mood
I am a pioneer



"I am a Pioneer" is a short film that offers an intimate glimpse into the conception and birth of the 20 ft tall sculpture, Farmer the Rigger. Through interviews and behind-the-scenes footage, it explores the significance of this extraordinary artwork, highlighting its cultural impact and the transformative power of artistic expression at Burning Man 2023.

As the Creative Director behind Farmer the Rigger, I am also creating this short film to document the extraordinary journey of Farmer the Rigger and its debut at Burning Man 2023, the diverse representation of attendees, and the creative endeavors of other Pioneers who strive to cultivate their unique craft.

This film will feature three parts:

Part I introduces “who” Farmer the Rigger is. This is where we open the film by capturing the materials used and how they are a tribute to the working class and skilled laborers, symbolizing the culmination of countless hours dedicated to perfecting one's craft.

Part II delves into personal statements from the Artist, Zulu Heru, and what it means to be a “pioneer”. Through intimate interviews, Zulu reflects on the significance of being a pioneer and Farmer the Rigger's profound impact on the Black culture and the Burning Man community. The film will seamlessly intertwine his statements with footage of Farmer the Rigger's assembly at Burning Man and the sculpture's active presence as a totem for gathering, community, and celebration of radical self-expression.

Part III will capture an immersive African drum circle that will start at sunset and continue throughout the night, encouraging all Burners who attend to dance and participate in this unified celebration called "The Cypher". In this final scene, Farmer the Rigger comes to life, shooting flames into the starry black sky and watching over the ceremonial African drums circling the center fire pit. This is the focal point of the film because capturing the ceremonial drum circles will not only elevate the cultural representation of Black people on Playa, but also highlight an intersectional human experience that will transcend the oasis that is Burning Man.

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