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I am a pioneer
Original Sketch



Corten steel, ship anchor chains, stained glass, excavator teeth, scrap metal

252 x 204 X 240 in.


At 21 feet tall and 9,000 pounds, Farmer the Rigger is a monumental sculpture that commands attention. It is an Afrocentric metal mask supported by massive ship anchor chains and mounted to the ground by colossal metal hands. The mouth can articulate up and down with chain hoist, giving participants the opportunity to have an actual rigging experience. This sculpture is also equipped with internal pyrotechnics allowing it to blast towering flames into the night sky! 


Farmer the Rigger is a self portrait of my artistry, following my career from my first job as a Farmer to becoming a Crane operator/ Rigger. This is my resume sculpture showcasing the countless hours spent mastering my craft.


It serves as a guardian spirit, this awe-inspiring sculpture pays homage to the working class and skilled laborers, embodying the culmination of time dedicated to perfecting one’s vocation.

As a 2023 Burning Man Honorarium recipient, Farmer the Rigger transcends its physical presence, delivering a message of community elevation, embracing one’s journey, and committing to self mastery. 


(barrels painted by Isis Dua)



I am Zulu Heru

Zulu Heru is a multi-talented artist hailing from Richmond, Virginia, currently living Los Angeles, California. Zulu is an engineer, crane operator, and innovative sculpture artist known for his incredible ability to create stunning multi-media afro-eccentric sculptures using up-cycled materials.

Zulu’s journey as an artist began long before he arrived on the West Coast. As a tank Commander in the US Army, Zulu discovered his passion for creating art from scrap metal, industrial parts, and found materials. His talent was undeniable, calling him to withdraw from the Army and pursue his passion for sculpting full-time.

With a BFA in Fine Arts from Howard University and over a decade of welding and metal fabrication experience, Zulu is a master at turning discarded metals into thought-provoking art. He has assisted and collaborated with some of the most innovative sculptors of today, unwavering in his artistic dreams, determined to inspire the next generation to do the same, no matter how big or unconventional they may seem.

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Burning Man Right
Our Team

Our Team.

Meet the talented team behind our current sculpting project! Our team is filled with individuals who have a keen eye for detail and a passion for creativity that is bringing the Farmer the Rigger visions to life.

Dolly View
Shot View
Crane View
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360 View
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