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Aleksandra Radojičić & Nikola Radojičić


Image by Autobiographica


Corten steel, ship anchor chains, stained glass, excavator teeth, and scrap metal

252 x 204 X 240 in.

At 21 feet tall and 9,000 pounds, Farmer the Rigger is a monumental sculpture that commands attention. It is an Afrocentric metal mask supported by massive ship anchor chains and mounted to the ground by colossal metal hands. The mouth can articulate up and down with chain hoist, giving participants the opportunity to have an actual rigging experience. This sculpture is also equipped with internal pyrotechnics allowing it to blast towering flames into the night sky! 

It serves as a guardian spirit, this awe-inspiring sculpture pays homage to the working class and skilled laborers, embodying the culmination of time dedicated to perfecting one’s vocation. As a 2023 Burning Man Honorarium recipient, Farmer the Rigger transcends its physical presence, delivering a message of community elevation, embracing one’s journey, and committing to self mastery.

"Farmer the Rigger is a self portrait of my artistry, following my career from my first job as a Farmer to becoming a Crane operator/ Rigger. This is my resume sculpture showcasing the countless hours spent mastering my craft."


Burning Man, 2023

Robot Heart Residency, 2023

The Midway, 2024

Robot Heart Residency II, 2024

Black Rock City, NV

Burning Man Honoraria Recipient

The Loom

Oakland, CA

Fresh Start  | New Year

San Francisco, CA

The Loom

Oakland, CA

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